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Shut It All Down

Tonight, Donald Trump will lie to the American People about a non-existent emergency at the southern border resulting from a very real humanitarian crisis that he personally created. He will lie about the immigrants, lie about the implications, lie about the reasons, lie about the solutions, lie about their alleged efficacy, lie about the funding, and lie about his alleged support from government employees whom he has disenfranchised by illegally and unconstitutionally shutting down the government.

He will fail to mention his guarantee that Mexico will pay for the wall. He will fail to take personal responsibility for the deaths of two children who have died as a direct result of his idiocy. He will blame immigrants, Democrats, and space aliens for the entire sordid situation. He will speak with the authority and vocabulary of a poorly-educated high-school student, and he will inevitably wander off into territory better left to half-assed fiction writers who literally cannot make this shit up. He will finish by threatening to declare a national emergency if he doesn't get his pony.

So read a book instead. Play with your kids. Do some community service. Go to bed early. Turn off your televisions and shut down your internet—not just for the duration of the blather, but for the entire evening. The point is not just to deprive the President of the attention he craves, the point is to punish the networks and their advertisers for agreeing to carry this horse shit.

The President* is immune to reason, immune to criticism, and immune to the law. The networks are not. Punish them, and they'll punish him.


Brian Orner