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A Note on Sessions


I think we need to be somewhat less careless about the momentary come-hither of the Jeff Sessions embouchure. Remember that Sessions is unquestionably racist, dull, and thoroughly cruel, as he has been throughout his public life. He is architect of the zero-tolerance policy for immigrant families, which is arguably the the ugliest, stupidest, and most fundamentally un-American policy of any kind since Japanese interment, and he deserves to be banished to the nether regions for that reason alone.

Until now, Sessions has been Trump's most reliable and ardent supporter inside the administration, and for that, he's been micturated upon - deservedly so - by the entire political establishment and the Boy King himself, who does not even bother to respect the loyalty that he demands. His tenure as Attorney General is beyond salvation, and the temporary appearance of his ham-fisted spine is probably best characterized as a clumsy attempt to accelerate his inevitable demise so that some other conservative circus clown can come in and clean up his shinola.

Under a competent leader, there would be no need to publicly shore up the independence of the Justice Department. Independence would be, as it should be, self-evident, regardless of the slings and arrows of Donny-Boy's tweets. But crass political calculation withers under the rule of law, and Sessions has managed to look as weak as he is, despite his recent reading-glass pronouncements. Session's replacement may or may not be better, but he could hardly be worse, and I, for one, hope his cellophane spine succeeds in hastening his departure.


Brian Orner