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Science & Sorcery. Religion & Resurrection. Politics & Prognostication. Philosophy & Art.

Written and Illustrated by Charles Brian Orner
Book and Cover Design by Charles Brian Orner
Edited by Linda Lindenfelser
708 Pages (Print Edition)
34 Chapters Arranged in Four Books
25 Color Illustrations
101 Endnotes Arranged in Four Chapters

Dear Friends and Bibliophiles,

I am delighted to announce the publication of my debut novel SOSTENUTO. This is the culmination of seven years of work that began with the germ of an idea which took on a vigorous life of its own and consumed a fair bit of mine in the process.

SOSTENUTO is an epic literary narrative that spans all of recorded history and the far reaches of the Solar System. If you love literature; if you love language; if you love to lose yourself between the covers of a thoroughly engrossing book, then this novel is for you. Save the Harlequin Romance for another day. Give the vampires the week off. You'll be glad you did, and the vampires aren't going anywhere, anyway. They're vampires.

I am deeply indebted to many people for their assistance in and support of this project, and I am grateful to you for your interest and patronage. You can learn more about the novel and purchase both Softcover and eBook version at


Brian Orner