Charles Brian Orner


About the Author


Charles Brian Orner spends his professional life as an author, designer, photographer, and marketer. He lives in Bigfork, Montana, just south of Glacier National Park, and beyond it, an entire country that speaks with a rising inflection and treats its citizens with kindness and respect.  It is a magnificent region of the world, characterized by enormous mountains, glistening lakes, long winters, and sore feet. 

Mr. Orner was raised in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. His father hails from the coal regions of central and northern Pennsylvania, where his fraternal grandfather worked as a collier.  He was educated in northwest Pennsylvania, earning a Bachelor of Arts in History from Grove City College. His private passions include running, cycling, hiking, literature, and music. In addition to writing, he enjoys playing classical piano and jazz guitar.

Mr. Orner is also an accomplished fine art photographer. His portfolio can be viewed and purchased online at—but buy the book first. :)